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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Bed in a Packed House

As I sit here typing I am surrounded, quite literally by dogs. Before I will be able to get up from my chair I will have to nudge my 80 lb Guardian Angel behind me to wake up so that I can push my chair away from the desk. Then the task will be to extract my feet from underneath Riggs, the 40 lb black bundle, lying under my desk. The smallest of the pack, Dixie, the only one of single digit poundage, is curled up in the basket of laundry and doesn't even twitch a whisker as I stroke her back in in passing. Gaining entrance to my bedroom requires a bit of sweet talk, an ear scratch, a hug and a kiss on the snout for my 100 lb teddy bear. (Ok all I really had to do was say "Ratchet, move", all that other stuff was for me.) And what should I find but a 40 lb chocolate blob with the consistency of greased jello, sprawled indecently across my side of the bed. Belly rubbing ensues, along with more snout kisses. Penny yawns and grunts as I pick her up for one last cuddle and move her to the foot of the bed next to the purring puddle of Pete (the Barn Cat). Meelah the Russian Sniper Kitty, the only one not accounted for, is probably outside getting ready to annihilate some unsuspecting creature.
After tucking into my side of the bed, Penny snuggles against my legs and Pete makes his way up to curl up by my side (or on my chest if I am lying on my back) and I drift to sleep to the lullaby of a content cat. I rest peacefully knowing that my loyal guardians are watching over me.

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